The Philippine National Ear Institute 

National Institute of Health, University of the Philippines Manila
623 Pedro Gil, Ermita, Manila 1000 Philippines


The Ear Unit
2nd Floor,  University of the Philippines Manila- Philippine General Hospital
Taft Avenue, Ermita, 1000 Manila
Landline:  (632) 554-8400local 207
Cell phone: (63) 917-526747
Email address :

Newborn Hearing Screening Reference Center (NHSRC)
Room 105A NIH Building,  University of the Philippines Manila
623 Pedro Gil, Ermita, 1000 Manil
Telefax: (632) 526-4349
Cell Phone: (63) 923-6786041
Email address :

Center Director:
Charlotte M. Chiong, MD PhD

Summary of Outreach and Training Activities
PNEI is an influential government agency for national health policy formulation in hearing and balance health. One of the most comprehensive diagnostic and research center for hearing loss in all age groups - infants to elderly patients.

With UP College of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology, its best trained surgeons and medical personnel provide a one-stop center for the provision of the highest quality care in state-of-the-art cochlear implantation, middle ear autologous ossicular replacement and tympanoplasty (repair of tympanic membrane perforations), medical and surgical treatment of chronic ear infections and skull base surgery for acoustic neuroma and other tumors.