Otological Centre: Bangkok Unit (UCBU)

Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University,
Bangkok 10700, Thailand
Tel: 66-2- 419-8043; 66-2- 411-8040
Fax: 66-2 -465-4050

Center Director:
Dr. Samut Chongvisal

Senior Advisor:
Prof. Dr. Suchitra Prasansuk
Email: drsuchitrap@yahoo.com

Dr. Siriporn Limviriyavejkul
Email: sendtojae@yahoo.co.th

Area of Collaboration:
Deafness and Hearing Impairment Prevention & Management

Initially designated: June 1988
Revised and Expire: July 2008

Request for Re-designation: Terms of reference 2008 – 2012


  1. Strengthening network of activities against avoidable hearing loss (a) Congenital Hearing loss(b) Otitis Media (c) Noise Induced Hearing loss from Primary to Secondary to Tertiary Levels of activities – continuation of activities approved by WHO in 2007( 2008-2012)
  2. Develop practice guideline for effective and practical ‘Neonatal Hearing Screening’ both for high risk and universal neonatal hearing screening along the line of worktask No. 1 for early detection and early management of Congenital - Newborn Hearing Lossfor all level of services
  3. Develop practice guideline for hearing aids services and maintenance for urban poor and rural people in connection with program Task No.1.
  4. Develop practice guideline and recommendation for Cochlear Implant in Thailand and in other developing countries.
  5. Develop practice guideline for ‘Early Detection and Early Management of Otitis Media’ in different levels of services along with Task No. 1.
  6. Develop practice guideline and recommendation for Avoidable Noise induced Hearing Loss along with task No.1.
  7. Support in manpower development for all levels of services by provide practical training of manpower in ‘Ear and Hearing Care’ at National, Regional and International levels for both medical- surgical and rehabilitation services by organized ‘Otology Update courses in Neuro-oto-audiology’ for practical and theoretical approach and‘ Temporal Bone Dissecting Course for Ear Surgery include Cochlear Implant.” At least twice annually. 
  8. Support activities against avoidable hearing loss at National, Regional and International level by participation in approved activities i.e. national and international conferences, seminar and workshop and in collaborationwith Hearing International. 
    Be Model Center of Expertise – Provide training and Consultation for needed institutions and personnel in Thailand and countries in the region.

Nature of Activities in General at the Institution (Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University) 

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital is the first medical school in Thailand established since 1890 on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river, on the site of old Royal Palace. Siriraj Hospital serves as a teaching hospital as well as a general hospital.  In 1959, the University of Medical Sciences was placed under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Prime Minister.  Then, in 1969, the University of Medical Sciences was awarded the new name “Mahidol University” after the name of present King’s father.  Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital with 25 Departments offers a doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Degree program as well as various health and medical science degrees at graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate and certificate levels. 

Nature of General Activities and Tasks at Otological Centre: Bangkok Unit

  1. In-house Services
    1. Provide clinical services in diagnostic and management on ear diseases, hearing and vestibular problems and ear and hearing care rehabilitative approach for both outpatients and inpatients in all age groups.
    2. Provide surgical intervention for patients with ear – hearing and vestibular problems.
    3. Provide rehabilitative intervention for patients with hearing loss and vestibular problems.
    4. Provide Hearing aids fitting and speech training for patients with hearing and speech problems.
    5. Giving consultation on diagnosis and proper management to referred patients with problems on ear, hearing and balance disorders.

Training of Health Manpower

  1. Specialists Level
    1. Training of ENT specialists from various part of Thailand under ENT Specialists training program of Thai Medical Council, a three year program with Board Examination.
    2. Provide 6 months Fellowship Program in Neuro-Oto-Audiology ‘Hearing and Vestibular Disorders’ for Thai ENT Specialists and ENT Specialists from other countries,
    3. Provide short course training in ‘Otology -Neuro-otology and Audiology (i.e. Hearing –Vestibular and its’ related problems’ annually to ENT specialists and related medical personnel).
  2. Non-specialists Level
    1. Training on ‘Ear and Hearing Health Care’ to primary physicians, nurses, paramedical staffs, school teachers, health workers as being requested.
    2. Training on ‘Primary Ear and Hearing Care Methodology’ both at Centre and on-site at the community level as being requested.
    3. Training of primary school teachers of Bangkok Metropolitan schools and schools in therural on ‘Primary Ear and Hearing Care’ as being requested..
    4. Training on ‘Hearing Aids Fitting and /Ear Mould Sciences’ for technicians and teachers from schools for the deaf as being requested.
    5. Training on equipment in-use and the maintenance to audiological technicians and related personnel.
  3. Community Out-Reach Programme
    1. Strengthening the networking with service providers for ‘Ear and Hearing care’ at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels and together develop possible, affordable practice guidelines for early detection, management and an effective referral system for Congenital Hearing Loss, Otitis Media and Noise Induced Hearing Loss as has been proposed by WHO in the network strengthening project.
    2. Manpower Development Program at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels in connection with task No. 1 of Term of Reference.

Specific Activities as WHO Collaborating Centre

  1. Following the Term of References
  2. Training of Health Manpower
    1. Special ‘Neuro-Oto-Audiology’ update course at least once annually for ENT Specialists, Audiologists and Audiological technicians from Thailand and outside.
    2. Organize Seminars on related specific topics for ‘Ear - Hearing and Balance Disorders’ to specialists and non-specialists held at least once a year during /before or after the Annual Course.
    3. Help in manpower development at international level by training on ‘Ear and Hearing problems on Diagnosis and Management’ for specialists and related health manpower from countries in the region and beyond.
    4. Giving Short course – 4 weeks Practical Training Program for ENT specialists for Medical and Surgical Ear and Hearing Care.
    5. Participate actively in the development of activity for PDH program worldwide in collaboration with WHO and related NGOs.
  3. Epidemiological Study of Ear and Hearing Disorders
    1. Study the prevalence of neonatal hearing loss by neonatal hearing screening both high risk and universal.
    2. Study the cost effective and accuracy of different methods.
    3. Study the ‘Etiology of congenital Hearing Loss’.
  4. Technical Services
    1. Training on ‘equipment in-use’ to community health personnel at secondary levels for hearing loss detection at time together with local training.
  5. Conferences
    1. Host and participate in conferences and congresses in relation to ear and hearing and balance disorders both at national and international levels.
  6. Support
    1. Support and Participate with other WHO and HI/IFOS/ISA Centers and International NGOs working along the line with the Center’s Task and Term of References.
  7. Collaborative Efforts in Dissemination of Information and Technology
    1. Disseminate information and technology for health and medical services, prevention and management medical and surgical when ever are needs to promote new strategies for essential ear and hearing care. The Center works closely with various agencies of government and universities as well as non-governmental organizations in Thailand and   internationally.
  8. International Congress
    1. The Bangkok Center was the host organizer for 10th Asia-Pacific Congress on Deafness in connection with 10th Hearing international Annual Meeting in Bangkok during August 4-7, 2009