Khon Kaen Otological Center

123 Mitraparp Road,
T. Nai-Muang, A. Muang,
Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand
Tel: 66-43- 348396
Fax: 66-43-202490

Center Director    
Assoc. Prof. Kwanchanok Yimtae, MD, FRCOT 

Professional Center Personnel:

Advisory Board Committees
President - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Somchat Sangsa-ard, Associate Professor
Suthee Kraitrakul, Associate Professor
Sanguangsak Thanavirattananich, Associate Professor 

Working Committees

  • Director: Kwanchanok Yimtae, Associate Professor, MD, FRCOT
  • 1st Vice Director: Thumnu Ard-samard, Assistant Professor, MD, FRCOT
  • 2nd Vice Director: Somchai Srirompotong, Associate Professor, MD, FRCOT
  • Secretary General:
    • Panida Thanaviratananich, MA (Audiology)
    • Porntape Kasemsiri, MD, FRCOT
  • Treasurer: Patchareeporn SaeSeaw, Associate Professor, MD, FRCOT
  • Scientific Committee:
    • Supaporn Srirompotong, Associate Professor, MD, FRCOT
    • Theeraporn Ratana-anakechai, Associate Professor, MD, FRCOT
  • International relation & Advertise Committee:
    • Puttarawut Vatanasarp, Assistant Professor, MD, FRCOT, Msc (Cancer Epidemiology)
    • Benjamas Prathanee, Associate Professor, MA (Speech Pathology), Ph.D (Epidemiology)
    • Supawan Laoharsiriwong, MD, FRCOT
  • Committee Members:
    • Surapol Suetrong, Assistant Professor, MD, FRCOT
    • Sakesun Chaiyanunsamit, Assistant Professor, MD, FRCOT
    • Visoot Rechaiptchitkul, Assistant Professor, MD, FRCOT


Tertiary Level
Our center cooperates with other tertiary hospitals in the northeast of Thailand to create a network for education and training of the undergraduate and graduate levels and providing ENT services. Our affiliated tertiary hospitals are Khon Kaen Hospital and Maternal and Child Medical Center in Khon Kaen province, Maharaj Nakorn-Rajchasrima Hospital in Nakorn-Rajchasrima province, and Sabprasitthiprasong Hospital in Ubonrajchathanee province.

The center started to operate the cochlear implantation in September 2008. Until now we have successfully operated in 6 cases with profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. 

  1. Community Education:
    1. Training pediatricians and otolaryngologists to screen for hearing problems and to provide the health promotion against ear problems in 2005, 2006.
    2. Tinnitus and Hearing loss Conferences in 2005 and 2006.
    3. ENT for Isan in 2007, 2009
  2. Outreach Programs: To Develop Primary Care and Provide Necessary Services.
    1. Research and development of the guidelines for hearing screening and rehabilitation of hearing disability at Khon Kaen Province.
  3. Public Education:
    1. Providing the public awareness of hearing loss, how to prevent hearing loss, vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation, and tinnitus by numerous types of publications and media, and conference meeting.
  4. Training:
    1. Residency Training Course
      1. Middle ear surgery and temporal bone course.
      2. Hearing Aid fitting
      3. Hearing screening
      4. Vestibular function testing
    2. Medical Doctors and ENT Training Course
      1. We offered the one week training courses for screening and providing primary ear care for the ENT doctor from Chumpae and Numpong hospitals during 2006 This activities helped to empower the rural community hospitals to be medical hubs.
      2. Master Degree in Occupational Health Sciences
      3. Clinical Fellowship in Neurotolgy is in the process
    3. International Training
      1. The center organized many short course trainings for visiting otolarngologists, general practioners, audiologists, and residents from Loas, India, and the US.
      2. International Otolaryngology residency training for Loas Medical doctors is in the process.
    4. Health Providers and Special Education Teachers Training Course
      1. Hearing Aid Maintenance for special education teachers.
      2. Aural rehabilitation and Speech rehabilitation for special education teachers.
      3. Vestibular rehabilitation for Physical therapists.
  5. Research:
    1. Outcome of Treatment in Meniere’s Disease
    2. Quality of Life in Tinnitus Patients