Hearing and Communication Center


Nyilo purnami,  Artono

Hearing and Communication Center

Jl. Mayjen Prof. Dr. Moestopo 6-8. Surabaya. Indonesia

+6231 550- 1648, -1649.  +62 8155100081

+6231 5010887


nyilo@hotmail.com ; nyelodr@gmail.com

Hospital an/or University affiliation

Dr. Soetomo Hospital,

Faculty of Medicine  Airlangga University

Center Director

Nyilo Purnami

Services provided

Hearing Screening, Diagnostic, therapy and habilitation / rehabilitation, Community Medicine,  Research and educational program. Out reach services program

Outreach and Training Activities

Community services, Home visit program, screening survey,

Workshop and training for teacher of inclusive school

Work with health team, government and non governmental organization

Training in educational program under graduate and postgradute (ENT community program)


Noise Induced Hearing Loss, a model in Cochlear Rat

Congenital Deafness in related with Rubella Infection

Developing an immunization program in East Java Province

Ototoxicity Monitoring in MDRTB Dr. Soetomo Hospital

Developing Resource Center Program in East Java Province

Additional Information:

Clinic Activities

Audiology – Neurotology Clinic in Dr. Soetomo Hospital

Otology surgery – CI surgery

Committee of Hearing and Communication Center


Prof.Dr.Agung Pranoto,Dr., M.Kes., Sp. PD, KEMD, FINASIM

Dean of faculty of Medicine Airlangga University

Dodo Anondo, MPH                

Director of Dr. Soetomo General Hospital


Prof. Dr. Indri Mukono, Dr., MS

1st vice of Dean

Prof.Djoko Santoso,Dr.,Sp.PD.,K-GH.,Ph.D.,FINASIM

2nd vice of Dean


3rd vice of Dean

Prof.Dr.Widodo Ario Kentjono,Dr.,Sp.THT-KL(K)

Chairman of ENT-Head & Neck Surgery Department

Haris Mayagung Ekorini,Dr.,Sp.THT-KL(K)

Chairman of Neurotology Division ENT HNS Department

Prof.Dr. M.S.Wiyadi,dr.,Sp.THT-KL(K)

Vice Director of Tropical Hospital

Former Dean of Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University 

Chairperson: Dr. Nyilo Purnami, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)

Vice: Artono, Dr. Sp. THT-KL (K)

Secretary: Budi Sutikno, Dr. Sp. THT-KL

Treasurer: Haris Mayagung Ekorini, Dr. Sp. THT-KL (K)


  • Prof. Sri Harmadji, Dr. Sp. THT-KL (K)
  • Soeprijadi, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
  • Bakti Surarso, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
  • Muhtarum Yusuf, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
  • Titiek Hidayati Ahadiah, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)
  • Dwi Reno Pawarti, Dr. Sp.THT-KL(K)