Danang Hearing International Center

124 Hai Phong Street, Danang City, Vietnam
Tel: 84-511-3892824
Fax: 84-511-3892824 
Email: dr.huynhbatan@yahoo.com 

Center Director    
Huynh Ba Tan

Hospital and University Affiliation
Danang General Hospital, College of Medicine & Pharmacy, Danang University, Vietnam

Summary of Outreach and Training Activities
We are a practicing hospital for ENT doctors of 11 provinces in Central Vietnam, including HUE College of Medicine, Danang College of Medicine & Pharmacy. We have 12 faculty including 3 Otologists, 1 Audiologist, 1 Speech Therapist and 7 Rhinologists. Clinic materials include 1 Audiometer, 1 Tympanometer, 1 Bio-Logic Navigator and various tools for fitting hearing aids. 

Clinic Activities

  1. Research of Deaf’s Pupil School-Aged in 2007-2008
  2. Short term training courses for 2 Speech Therapists sponsored by MED-EL company 2009 in Ho Chi Minh city
  3. Organizing the first France-Vietnamese Audio-Phonology Conference in 2008
  4. Holding an Advanced Ear Surgery course
  5. Cooperations with the Rural ENT Foundation of Thailand were operated: 35 Myringoplasty cases and hearing aid fittings free of charge for the poor at Quangnam Province, Central of Vietnam in June 2009
  6. Hearing aid fittings for over 160 cases for children with congenital deafness between the ages of 2 to 5 years in Danang Hospital
  7. Hearing Screening Detection for all disabled children in Danang city sponsored by USAID (USA) 2008-2009
  8. Implementation plan for cochlear Implant to about 50 cases

Planned Courses, etc for the Upcoming Year

  1. Set up of a Cochlear Implant unit at Danang Hospital with main support by MED-EL Company
  2. Build up a private ENT hospital with 100 bed capacity
  3. Send 2 doctors abroad for Cochlear Implant Surgery training