China Rehabilitation and Research Center for Deaf Children (CRRCDC)

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Center Director    
Professor Mo Long

Summary of Outreach and Training Activities of the Center
The China Rehabilitation and Research Center for Deaf Children (CRRCDC), affiliated to China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), was founded in 1983. It is by far the only national center engaged in hearing and speech rehabilitation in China as well as a technical resource center and industry administration center.

Supported by an audiology clinic, a speech training and education department, CRRCDC provides services for hearing-impaired children throughout China. Consisting of relevant departments in charge of policy making, continuing education, etc., CRRCDC offers support for the national network. In addition, CRRCDC also carries out basic and applied research with its three laboratories including audiology, linguistics and psychology.

As a training base for rehabilitative professionals, CRRCDC is responsible for teaching specialized courses and clinical practicum for undergraduate and graduate programs in hearing and speech rehabilitation of several universities. It has compiled the first series of textbooks on hearing and speech rehabilitation for colleges in China and published various professional books. It also holds training classes for in-service professionals across the country. Up to now, our center has trained more than 20,000 professionals, which lays a solid foundation for the sound development of hearing and speech rehabilitation in China.

Under the guidance of Hearing international and China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and the support of China Rehabilitation and Research Center of Deaf Children for Deaf Children (CRRCDC), Hearing international National (China) Chapter carried out a series of activities for prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment to further promote the development of the undertaking for the disabled in China from 2008 until now.

Successfully holding publicity and educational activities on National Ear Care Day with the theme of “Correct Use of Hearing Aids.” 
In 2009 “hearing aid acoustician” was established as a new profession and the project “Analysis of the Hearing Aid Service and Cost for Hearing-impaired Children” was completed by WHO and CRRCDC, based on which, the center organized and conducted large-scale publicity and educational activities on National Ear Care Day nationwide, including distributing brochures, setting up popular science billboard, holding lectures on special topics and providing services at grassroots. Approximately one million people from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participated in the public activities for “correct fitting and use of hearing aids.” CRRCDC also held a large charity concert on National Ear Day and over 1000 representatives from all circles in Beijing attended the concert. Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and several other media reported this concert, which greatly raised the public awareness of hearing health and rehabilitation.

Actively participating in key state-level research projects on prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.
From 2008 until now, CRRCDC has successfully applied for two projects of “National Key Technology R&D Program” during the 11th “Five-Year Plan” period, including “Community Service Demonstration Project of Information Accessibility for Disabled people and “Research on the Cognitive Rules of Hearing-Impaired Children and Standardization of Rehabilitation System,” “Clinical Assessment on the Multimedia Courseware Editing Platform and Training Facilities for Rehabilitation Techniques,” and participated in applying for the sub-projects of four state-level research projects, including “Outcome Assessment after Implantation of Home-Made Cochlea and Establishment of Rehabilitation Technologies and Products for Rehabilitation of Hearing-Impaired Children,” “Digital Information Accessibility Service Demonstration project for Disabled people an Important Sport Events.” The approval and implementation of these projects proves that CRRCDC has become a member of the state-level research group.

Comprehensively planning and promoting the establishment of hearing and speech rehabilitation institutions in China.
By formulating the “Establishment standards for provincial hearing- impaired children,” CRRCDC standardized the setting and behaviors of hearing and speech rehabilitation institutions at all levels in China. By now China has established 33 provincial, 565 municipal and about 1000 grass-roots hearing and speech rehabilitation institutions, which train 20,000 hearing-impaired children of 0-6 years of age annually and can provide rehabilitation services for 500,000 adults with hearing impairment. CRRCDC is carrying out the project on the establishment of standard system for hearing and speech rehabilitation and endeavoring to establish 15 industry standards and criterions of six types in three years. Up until now, the center has accomplished the “Basic Standards for the Establishment of Rehabilitation Institutions of Hearing- Impaired Children,” “Standards for the Establishment of Hearing Aid Fitting Institutions,” “Operational Standards for Rehabilitation Training for Hearing-Impaired Children” and “Operational Standards for Hearing Aids Fitting.”

Promoting the establishment of hearing aid acoustician as a new profession in China.
To standardize the fitting and using of hearing aids, in 2007 Chinese government was determined to establish a new profession of “hearing aid acoustician.” CRRCDC took the lead in formulating the professional standards, compiling the training textbook and establishing the examination pool. In December 2008, entrusted by the ministry of human resources and social security, CRRCDC also undertook the experimental qualification identification for the first group of hearing aid acousticians in China, conducted the technical training and examination and approved the qualifications.

Being approved as WHO collaborating center for prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.
In April 2009, through positive efforts of CRRCDC, WHO formally approved CRRCDC as the “WHO Collaborating Center for Prevention of Hearing Impairment,” which symbolized that the achievement in rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children in China and acknowledged and affirmed the great contribution of CRRCDC. This provides a new opportunity for our country to participate in the collaborating center which will be listed in September 2009.

Positively applying for and undertaking the key national rescue and rehabilitation project for hearing- impaired children in poverty.

In 2008, the suggestion of developing the rescue and rehabilitation project for hearing- impaired children in poverty was proposed to the government by CRRCDC based on a comprehensive analysis of the current status of rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children in poverty. Each disabled person can enjoy rehabilitation service in 2015 established by Chinese government. In 2009, the proposal was approved and the government decided to invest 400 million RMB in the coming three years upon the basis of the investment of 106.8 million RMB in 2006, which will be used to provide free hearing aids, cochlear implants and rehabilitation training allowance for the hearing-impaired children of 0-6 years of age in poverty. CRRCDC will undertake the organization and operation of the project. The project is now finished and operating smoothly.